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Stan Pike.

Est 1981.




Stan runs a range of course for anyone who is interested in the art of the blacksmith, also for the professional Blacksmith looking to enhance their skills, course for the individual who want to learn more about blacksmithing and produce their own individual piece of work. Each course can be tailored to the needs of those participating and valuable and practical skills will be taught throughout.

Training is based on key blacksmithing skills and forge techniques. The courses shown below are designed to provide a mixture of practical experience under the supervision of Artist blacksmith Stan Pike.


Courses are one to one. Maximum two people. Dates are arranged to suit each individual.

Courses are for one day, combining two or three courses can be arranged.

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Courses begin 1st April and run untill the end of October.

All courses are held Monday to Friday


Course A:

Basic Blacksmithing - one day course

 One day £170.00

Aimed at the complete beginner or someone with related experience. 1 Day


 Course B:

Creative Blacksmithing - one or two day course

Aimed at those with some experience, course B provides the necessary experience


Course B1. 

Scroll Making  One day £170.00

Enhance your forge work. Learn how to make several scroll designs, fishtail , penny , taper , blow over leaf scrolls and many others. 1 Day



Course B2. Animal Heads  One day £170.00

Learn how to make one of the best Rams Heads you will ever see, Herons Head, Dragons Head, Horse Head. Choose which one you want to make. 1 or 2 day course. Depends how many heads you want do make. 1 Day


Course B3,

Finial Ends.  One day £170.00

Most finials are machine made these days, have you ever wondered how to make by hand the Corn on the Cob, Twisted knot, the simple cage or onion designs. This syllabus will cover this.


Course B4.

Leaf Work.  One day £170.00

Roses, water leaves, Acanthus Leaves. This is an intricate course bringing together scroll work and leaf work aspect of creating beautiful iron work. 1 or 2 day course.


Course B5.

Tool-making.  One day £170.00

Blacksmiths would never buy tools, they nearly always made their own tongs, anvil tools ,hammer tools etc. This course teaches you how.



Course C:
Combination of all the B Courses this is an intensive 5 day course.
  Training modules and syllabus can be discussed with Stan Pike for course C.
Start and End 9am till 4.00pm.
  More than tree days contact Stan Pike
Accommodation. B/B can be arranged .




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