Scottish Borders Blacksmith & Sculptor in Iron

Stan Pike.

Est 1981.





Stan Pike
Pair od swords

Stan Pike has worked as a blacksmith for the past 33years. Stan produces unique pieces of ironwork, developing the traditional blacksmithing skills which have made his work collectable worldwide. From his own range of indoor furniture to gates, railings, door and fireside furniture, to restoration work and special commissions, Stan's talents are honed working with iron, steel and other metals, surpassing the skill of all but those from a bygone age.

As well as producing hand forged furniture Stan has worked closely with architects and interior designers. His talents are balanced by an understanding of the operational demands of the design industry and the need to further the field of design. By working closely with specialists he can therefore translate their originality and imagination into unique collections of iron work.

In August 2001, the Queens Hall in Hexham hosted an exhibition of Stan's work celebrating 20 years of blacksmithing. The exhibition followed Stan's progress from his early work through to the special sculptures that have made him one of Britain's foremost artisans in iron.

In these days of inferior imports and component parts - which has very little to do with quality and design - it is encouraging to know that there are still people who appreciate the virtues of fine craftsmanship and originality. Craftsmen who create pieces which are note merely functional, but are works of art. Stan remains very optimistic about the future of ironwork.

A small selection of past commissions include

Beamish Museum, Northumberland National Parks, Eden District Council Rivergreed Developments Durham City, Yuill Homes, Naworth Castle, Queens Hall Hexham, British Airways, Cliveden Taplow, Liberty London, Stephenson Railway Museum, Fordnal Castle, Edinample Castle, Newcastle Borough Council -

together with a vast amount of special commissions from individuals.



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